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Recruiting for the future

Looking ahead to the workforce challenges the aged care industry faces, we saw our current recruitment process relied heavily on manual processes, while expertise resided in a small pool of recruitment consultants and hiring managers.

This year we embarked on the implementation of an automated Recruitment Management Solution (RMS) to enhance our current recruitment practices, enabling the organisation to streamline our processes from advertising for a role and searching for candidates, through to the final appointment and on-boarding of a successful candidate.

The RMS will provide candidates with an enhanced user experience, automate and streamline recruitment process workflows, reduce costs by increasing efficiency, and reduce the double handling of data entry. It will also assist the organisation to meet compliance with new Aged Care Standards and promote greater visibility to our hiring managers in the overall process and progress of recruitment they are undertaking.

We also appointed a new Talent Acquisition Manager role in October 2018, to review, update and implement our recruitment strategy.