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Carers rest and recharge

Our fifth annual Carers Retreat in May was an opportunity for unpaid carers looking after their loved ones at home to have a weekend of time out to rest and recharge.

Hosted at the Edmund Rice Retreat in Mulgoa, 28 unpaid carers spent time relaxing, trying new activities, such as virtual reality technology and exploring the natural surroundings.

Danielle Pfitzner, Assistant Manager of BaptistCare at home Western Sydney, believes it is critically important to recognise and support unpaid carers.

“We think it’s really important at BaptistCare to be able to support carers and to basically give them the same level of support that we give our actual clients,” she said.

“Being an unpaid carer is a really challenging role… and there’s actually nothing more important than being able to spend time with people having the same kinds of experiences,” explains Danielle.

Barbara Burton, an unpaid carer for her mother, attended the weekend and shared some of her own personal struggles. “It’s always a worry looking after elderly relatives. Sometimes things go wrong and everything falls apart, you do need that extra outside support,” she said.

The retreat also provided the opportunity for participants to explore some of the important questions around what matters most, what it means to care for others as well as yourself, and how ageing impacts all of us.