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A deeper hope

As the HopeStreet team of staff and volunteers seek to fulfil its vision of “offering deeper hope to more people living in disadvantage and distress”, we are seeing a daily increase in how immediate and complex needs are being met through the effective delivery of case work support.

Insights and data captured from across HopeStreet’s 23 sites, using our new client management system launched in October, has highlighted just how valuable case management is to our clients, as we work with them on outcomes that matter to them.

With 30% of our work being delivered through our drop-in services, case management was by far the primary focus for our teams, with 25% of our support being provided through this one on one approach where we work holistically with clients to resolve, not just relieve, issues of importance to them.

This approach includes advocating for our clients on their behalf, assisting them to navigate complex systems such as housing or legal services, delivering counselling and empowering them to make choices for their ongoing safety and wellbeing.

We know our clients are strong and resilient, with goals and dreams that can be realised, and we believe in walking with people, encouraging and empowering them through our practical and reliable support services.