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Sharing the gift of reading

Retired special needs teacher and librarian, Merylanne Baxter spent over 40 years of her working life helping and serving others. Now a regular volunteer, Merylanne continues to share her love of storytelling and can be found every Monday afternoon breathing life and colour into the books she reads aloud to the attendees of BaptistCare Red Hill Social Club.

“I have done so many things in my life; I have worked in many different roles as a qualified teacher, librarian, trained cook and carer. I have worked with ESL students, students with disabilities and led storytime for children,” Merylanne said.

“For an hour and a half every week, I now share stories with the social club members. I read Greek myths and legends, recite poetry and I am currently reading a novel to the members,” she said.

“Volunteering is my way of helping people. I know that the social club visitors and staff benefit from the time I give them, even if there are days when I read them to sleep!” she laughs. “I also help out on Friday morning with the Communion service at BaptistCare George Forbes House. It keeps me busy and connected.”

Merylanne is one of a thousand volunteers who partner with BaptistCare staff across residential, community services, home service and retirement living. A generous, vivacious and warm person, her time and talents bring joy to customers and staff each week.