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Research into types of violence

In November BaptistCare HopeStreet undertook research to measure the Australian public’s awareness of the seven types of domestic abuse – economic, sexual, spiritual, verbal, emotional, physical and social.

We found that older Australians are much more likely to recognise all forms of domestic violence than younger generations, indicating a concerning lack of awareness of the many signs of domestic abuse among young people.

We used this opportunity to launch our Domestic Violence. More Than Skin Deep campaign to the community, engaging social media and news.com.au to highlight the urgent need to educate young Australians about healthy relationships and how to respond in situations where abuse of any kind (not just the most common or visible) is evident.

The campaign included videos depicting the different types of abuse, insights from our research and resources to help Australians to recognise, respond to and refer cases of domestic violence. You can read the full research report here and learn more about Domestic Violence. More Than Skin Deep on our dedicated website.