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Partnering with Churches

This year has seen the ongoing strengthening of partnerships with Baptist Churches, including collaborative activity around domestic violence awareness, grants, pastoral care training, consultancy advice and supporting one another through a variety of activities that reinforce our relationship.

This infographic shows the details of this partnership, including 111 Baptist Churches registered nation-wide with our domestic violence awareness campaign, and more than 2,000 downloads of the awareness resources, which we provided in association with the Public Engagement Group (PEG).

Our Church Relationships Manager role, commenced in January 2018, is co-located between BaptistCare and the Baptist Association. The part time nature of this role sees much of the work around building relationships both at Baptist Ministry Centre and with Regional Ministers while strengthening some of the collaborative activities already in place. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in cross referrals between both organisations and adding values to each other’s endeavours.

The Baptist Gathering in May 2019 was also an opportunity to trial partnership in the way we developed the resources for the BaptistCare expo stand, themed 75 years of partnership, and as we connected with Pastors and Baptist Association staff who assisting us by telling their stories around partnership.