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Our safety vision

Our focus over the past year has been the progression of our safety vision, ‘for our people to leave work each day in an equal or better state of wellbeing than when they arrived’.

Our safety vision and strategic goals are firmly based in established evidence that access to and performance of good work is beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Our WHS team and sites across BaptistCare have been dedicated to reducing workplace injuries, increasing hazard reporting, increasing the completion of risk assessments and improving consultation with our staff.

A key body of work has also been to review and improve our WHS Management System (WHSMS) in preparation to achieve external accreditation of our WHSMS to AS /NZS 4801.

Combined with this focus, and building on improvements achieved during our last reporting period, BaptistCare can now provide a more holistic approach to the measurement of safety performance.