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Introducing MyTeam™

Over the course of the year our residential team have rolled out BaptistCare’s new person-centered care and relational approach, MyTeam™.

This new approach has at its core resident choice and control to ensure residents are at the centre of all we do.

One of the key changes implemented with this approach has been consistent assignment rostering, which sees residents and their families supported by the same employees for every shift they work, which means that dependable, reliable and personalised care is delivered by a small team of consistent team members.

Our hospitality and lifestyle employees are also allocated to set units or parts of the home. This partnership enables continuity of care, with each resident’s team being better placed to understand the needs and preferences of each resident and support their rights and choices.

Families are also part of the resident’s team and are welcomed, supported and enabled to be partners in care.

MyTeam™ is being implemented across our 17 residential aged care centres, with the pilot completed in October 2018, and three centres well established by the end of June 2019.

The remainder of centres will see MyTeam™ implemented by February 2020.